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Focus Lock wrote:

hi guys,

this question could also be posed on the Nikon forum but I’m hoping to get your help as ex Nikon users here.

my issue is that I have bought the Sony a7iii and 24-105, as well as the 55 1.8 and now the Samyang 85mm. These primes have had very little use and the 85 wide open i found problems with eye AF. I do love the Sony though and have enjoyed using it with the 24-105. It’s a keeper.

i am now faced with having my Nikon d500 and 200-500 lens which is great for sports and wildlife. Very fast and accurate. I also have the 16-35 lens; 50 mm1.8; 70-200.

Now all these are FF lenses and I am now stuck as to wanting a FF body like the d850 to use these lenses or should I sell up these lenses and move to the A7riii and it’s prime equivalents? On one hand I am trying to put my eggs into one system and on the the other I feel I could lose less money by keeping the Nikon gear but then I’d be running a FF Nikon, a CROP sensor Nikon and the FF Sony.

Sorry for the long question but how can I best sort this out?

Late to the thread so haven't read all the responses but my perspective:

How much do you use your D500 + 200-500? If it's a significant part of your photography, keep that setup. While the Sony A9 is arguably better, I find that DSLRs are better for action photography over say the Sony a7R III and the new Sony A6400. The shutter black out on the EVF is very annoying and more so than the DSLR black out in the optical viewfinder.

For all other genres of photography, I would consider selling all your other Nikon lenses and moving to Sony. The Sony A7R III is pretty much the best all around camera in my opinion EXCEPT for action / fast wildlife photography. You'll lose some money on the Nikon gear but there's now a large market for used Sony FE gear so you'll be able to save money on picking up those lenses on the other side.

If you want to stick with an all Nikon setup, the Nikon Z7 makes more sense to me than the D850 for future proofing purposes and pairs well with your D500.

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