Quattro smooth and crispy control vs. Merrill look?

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Re: Quattro smooth and crispy control vs. Merrill look?

chankosuto wrote:

Is my understanding that with this smooth and crispy detail control in spp 6.6.1, a more "detailed" look when set towards the crisper side can be obtained for the quattro. How close is it to the Merrill look if at all? I been considering dpm for it looks, or a dpq for colors, a little more battery, and slightly better performance. Thanks.

As far as I can tell the detail slider works to increase the appearance of detail, which is sometimes appropriate for an image and sometimes not. Or worse, if there is a part of the image that has no real detail (blue sky), what then? You can end up with some unpleasant looking sky.

As far as emulating (being close to...) the Merrill look... Maybe, sometimes, but as I see it, why would you want to do that? And even though many people really like the Merrill look, and get quite fussy about it being the greatest thing EVER, there are plenty of people, myself included, who think that trying to recreate the Merrill look just cannot end well.

Each of these Sigma cameras has its own "look" and can be appreciated on its own. In discussions like these I frequently suggest looking at one site, in this case the Luminous West images by Tim.


From my quick look at his site just now, which I have not looked at for some time, it looks to me like the Merrill images have somewhat more muted colors than the Quattro, and a much grainy-er look. I think if you muted the Q colors a little (Just a little desaturation, perhaps? Or with some slight changes to exposure and contrast?) you could get closer to that Merrill look. But is that really a sensible objective?

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