Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?

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Re: Would suggest Flashpoint version

lattesweden wrote:

... So plenty of sources to buy from.

Good job hunting down all the sources!

Just need to figure out which flash to go for.

If you want a TTL speedlight, there are five models to choose from (links to to Flash Havoc descriptions of each model):

There are also two single-pin manual-only speedlights, the TT600 and V850II. They can, however be M-power-control and HSS radio slaves in the Godox system. But on the camera hotshoe, they are manual-only and can only be manual only radio transmitters.

The "TT" versions uses 2xAA batteries and have an external battery pack port (Canon connector); the "V" version uses a li-on pack with roughly 3x the capacity of a set of AAs (and a faster recycle time) and do not have external battery pack ports. Otherwise, they're feature and UI-identical.

The 350 models are mini speedlights. 2-3 stops less than a full-sized speedlight (so, 1-2 stops less than a 430EX II/430EX III-RT). Only swivels 270º, no sync port, no external battery pack port, and no recycle beep. But can be radio master/slave in the Godox system, and they're the perfect size/weight to balance on a small mirrorless body when used on-camera. Not designed to do cross-brand TTL, however, like the full-sized speedlights are. In Canon terms, kind of a 320EX or EL-100 analog.

The TT685/V860II are full-sized speedlights that do 360º swivel and have a recycle beep and sync ports. And the Sony versions also do WL "smart" optical wireless slave/master (although there are reports this doesn't work well with all camera bodies). These would be the closest analog to the Canon 580EXII or 600EX-RT in the Godox system.

The V1 is the newest (and most expensive model). In US prices it's $260. It's li-on, and a better radio master UI, and the round head takes magnetic modifiers directly (so you don't need a Magmod). It shares the same set of modifiers that the AD200's round head accessory uses.

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