D lens requires f22 to be removed? Dumb mistake kind of thread.

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D lens requires f22 to be removed? Dumb mistake kind of thread.


Disclaimer: st#pid thread ahead with really dumb rookie mistake.

Still here? Good.

Well, I ruined my D3x's aperture lever and my 28-70 f2.8 D all in 1 swing, really awesome, I deserve a pat on the back.

I've just acquired a F90X and needed a D lens to go along, since all my glass is G.

So I've found someone to trade my 24-70 G for his 28-70 D. Yes, I did that and I know they're not in the same price class.

Trading one for another is fine, since my 24-70 had been cleaned for fungus twice and was a tiny bit misaligned, I wanted to get rid of it anyway, and needed glass for my film camera.

Besides, I've always wanted to have the 28-70 since forever.

Okay, so I tried the 28-70 on my D3x first, and everything was awesome, great glass, no fungus, perfect AF, all good.

When I removed the lens, I had to apply extra effort... strange.... didn't realize what was that untill days later.

The lens was somewhat stuck on the body (by the aperture lever), and I messed it up being brute to release the lens.

Now the D3x has a ruined aperture lever, and the lens doesn't change aperture at all from f2.8 to f5.6.

It only registers aperture change when set to f8 onwards, which actually looks like to be f4 in fact.

Lens is ruined too, as it acts the same on my D700.

I don't think the person I traded with offered me a lemon (no proof to be found).

I guess so because of the following:


Does D lenses require to be set at f22 before removing them?

I had 1 D lens 10 years ago, and vaguely remember something like that.

I imagine I ruined my stuff because it was at f2.8 when removing the lens, and not 22.

Was that the problem?


Do you think it's expensive to fix?

Both camera and lens need repair now.

Well, can't fault anyone but me.

Just dumb rookie mistake.

Although I've had a D lens 12 years ago, I must have used it for a couple of weeks and soon after went all G.

I barely remember D lenses require extra care.

Lesson learned.

Or am I imagining that f22 thing?

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

Nikon D3X Nikon D700
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