EX zoom, i.zoom and digital zoom

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Re: EX zoom, i.zoom and digital zoom

Sranang Boi wrote:

I prefer to have iZOOM on at 20MP, instead of using 9MP with iZOOM on. iZOOM kicks in when the optical lens has reached its longest focal length. So for shots taken at less than 400mm iZOOM doesn't kick in, and you get 20MP. But when you do need more reach, and you have just seconds to make a decision about pressing the shutter button, then iZOOM will be there and then at your finger tip.

And the seconds spent thinking about and fiddling with i.Zoom will give you exactly zero more sensor pixels to work with. Actually less. If you overzoom using i.Zoom, the missing pixels can't be extrapolated while the "gained" pixels are digitally interpolated, a procedure that could equally well be done on a computer afterwards (at least when working with raw).

This is actually reflected by the dimensions of the raw file if you save it in parallel with the JPEG: if you i.Zoom by a factor of 2 on the 12MP FZ200, the raw file only saves 3MP worth of pixels.  So with regard to the raw file, i.Zoom ends up being a pure framing help for choosing your crop, without actually scaling anything up or down.

So saving JPEG+raw you end up getting a 4.8MB JPEG and a 4.2MB raw file (for example).  Which is almost funny.

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