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On the FZ1000 if I want maximum reach my preference is to set EX 10MP and then add some iZoom. That works very well out to around 800 mm EFL, and is decent at 2x iZoom for 1124 mm EFL. I keep the EX 10MP and iZoom set up on the C1 Mode setting; but have iZoom on in the regular set up.

This is exactly what I was thinking. I am seriously considering the FZ1000 ii and was wondering what I should do in those few instances when I want more than 400mm (efl). Your suggestion is what I was considering. That is, use EX zoom at 10mp and use a bit of i.zoom if needed after that. Thanks.

I use the 10MP i.Zoom similar to Gerald noted.

At least with my FZ1000 the overall the 1124mm EFL IQ results seem to look better than the 20MP 800mm EFL i.Zoom.

What I've found to get best IQ from using FZ1000 10MP i.Zoom is to:
• Get as close as you can to subject (bird, etc.) so subject 'fills' the image area.
• Good daylight lighting conditions (to keep lower ISO)
• Use base ISO setting, as lighting conditions will allow.

Basically 10mp i.Zoom 1124mm EFL IQ quality good enough for posting images for sharing online and small snapshot print sizes.

Some FZ1000 10mp i.Zoom 1124mm EFL images:


So it is a bit tricky to guess, but from the size of the highlights it is my guess that focus should be close to the head of the left goose. Here is a 1:1 crop of that:

Really? Who cares.

Just some quick shots I did with i.Zoom.

I explained to MANY times i.Zoom images are NOT for 100% pixel peeping scrutiny, I'm VERYwell aware of the Pro's and Con's with using i.Zoom.

ONLY posted the full 10MP size so Dave could see what the 10MP 1124mm EFL IQ looks like. NOT for others to do 100% Pixel Peeping image analysis.

As I also explained to you MANY times I mainly shoot RAW and accomplish what i.Zoom does when PP RAW images.

I share with others that i.Zoom can be easy solution for users who do not want to PP images to achieved what i.Zoom does.  Apparently by your replies this appears too difficult for you to understand.

Can only assume you must have memory problems, or just to in trying to impress others with how much you think you know.

Yes, I occasionally use i.Zoom for the ease of getting a 'quick' shot to share with others via online and/ or email downsized to image to 1920 x 1280.

As usually just another one of your wordy posts that nothing worth reading for reason the  images were posted.

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