Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?

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Re: Would suggest Flashpoint version

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If you are in the US I would suggest getting the Flashpoint re-brand sold by Adorama since you can get better warranty service. I have the following that has worked well for me on my A7III:



Thanks, we are both in Sweden. Is there any translation table available between the models names/numbers when branded Flashpoint vs Godox?

Flash Havoc has one for all the models. But purchasing overseas from Adorama or B&H (who don't rebrand, but do the same type of warranty support) isn't typically feasible, when you add on shipping and VAT. Dunno if using Adorama's Amazon reseller status would work for you.

Godox's own website list of retailers shows https://www.photax.se/ as a Swedish retailer. You might want to contact them and see if they'll support the warranty period. If they do, then that's pretty similar to what Adorama and B&H do for US purchasers. Their website doesn't list most of the speedlight models, though, only the TT350/V350 and V860II.

The main reason you want a retailer that will exchange a bad unit for the warranty period is that Godox is in China. Calling them, or sending them a bad unit will typically cost more than the unit itself does, and they tend not to answer any emails sent to them.

The other issue is that there's one piece of gear that's an Adorama exclusive (the R2 Pro II transmitter), so it's difficult to get outside the US.

Thanks, really good info here!

I have come to the same conclusion as you that Photax is one of the dealers in Sweden that sells Godox. Their full listing is here: https://www.photax.se/search?q=godox

Photax says that they leave 1 year warranty. I think they need to honor the 3 years we have as a law as well for filing a complaint on a product, though the law is somewhat under warranty as protection and you as a consumer need to to "prove" that the problem hasn't occurred as your fault and that the product had the fault originally.

I also found that Scandinavian Photo sells Godox in Sweden:


And Kameradoktorn (the camera doctor):

Finally we can buy from Amazon in Germany without any freight cost if we purchase for at least 29 Euros. A quick look said that there where some Godox products in the EU Amazon warehouse, which then makes the freight within the EU = no custom charges. Swedish VAT they do correct for which is a little higher than the German VAT that is included in the prices listed on the Amazon.de homepage, so prices go up slightly than what is seen here:


So plenty of sources to buy from.
Just need to figure out which flash to go for.

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