Swallows with EM1X and 300 Pro

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Re: Swallows with EM1X and 300 Pro

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Impressive. Did you get images like this before the E-M1X?

I have had a few good sessions over the years, but I got the 300 Pro soon after the X and the faster f4 aperture (thus lower ISO) than my PL 100-400 and slightly better resolution, makes these slightly my best ever. AF wise, the X is a touch better too IMHO. The first shot is one of very few over the years where ISO, focus and lens IQ all worked together.

Interesting. What body did you use with the PL 100-400, E-M1.2?

Yes... EM1.2. I did a couple of BIF shoots with the PL.100-400 and EM1X before getting the 300 Pro.

I forgot to mention that the other advantage of the 300 Pro is that at f5 (2/3 stop down) I can crop a bird from an extreme corner and IQ is not compromised. The PL 100-400, even at f7.1/ f8.0, was rather soft in the corners... The centre is very good though.

Although it is grey here (but not raining for a change) I'm off to the nearby lakes where swallows are plentiful to try out Firmware 3, and my own very limited skills. Will use the EE-1 sight and focus limiter.

Good luck. If they are against a brightish grey sky, make sure to dial in about 1.5 stops plus exposure compensation.

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