Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?

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Re: Would suggest Flashpoint version

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If you are in the US I would suggest getting the Flashpoint re-brand sold by Adorama since you can get better warranty service. I have the following that has worked well for me on my A7III:



Thanks, we are both in Sweden. Is there any translation table available between the models names/numbers when branded Flashpoint vs Godox?

Godox to Flashpoint:

Small flash, battery based: Godox TT350 > Flashpoint Zoom-Mini TTL R2

Standard flash, battery based: Godox TT685 > Flashpoint Zoom TTL R2

Standard flash, lithium based: Godox V860II > Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion R2

Portable strobe: Godox AD200 > Flashpoint eVOLV 200

All Godox flashes (not strobes because they are universal) have a letter at the end that it is for its compatibility (S = Sony, O = Olympus/Panasonic, C = Canon, N = Nikon).

Example: TT350s = small flash for Sony hotshoes.

Ok, thanks!

What is the real world difference between battery based flashes with good quality batteries, like rechargeable NiMH vs the Lithium based ones?

Mainly, Lithium batteries can be more powerful than NiMH or even alkaline batteries, so, it can help with recycle time and longevity (number of flashes).

But, it is more expensive (obviously because Lithium is expensive and you need to add a charger) and it is hard to replace if the battery goes bad. That is pretty much it, to be honest, the V860II is basically the TT685 with Lithium...

And also if I remember correctly Godox has one radio controller with working Focus Assist Light for Sony? Which one is that?

In theory the old X1T (Flashpoint R2 Transmitter) and the XPro (Flashpoint R2 Pro Transmitter) had focus assist. Some people reports that the focus assist on the old X1T was a little better, but, the new Mark II (Flashpoint R2 Mark II Flashpoint R2) is, in theory, the best one on that but I never tested.

I honestly always use my TT350 as a transmitter, so, I don't know for sure which one is better. But, in theory, Focus Assist lights don't help mirrorless cameras as much as they do with SLRs, so, I never stressed that much about that

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