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Back on April 22, 2019, I purchased the Nik software bundle and integrated with my DXO Photolab 2 which was purchased about 2 months prior. My old computer died ....... V1 and V2 is fairly minor which is all the more reason I'm so surprised they wouldn't allow me to upgrade at no charge. BUYER BEWARE.

No, this is NOT DxO’s problem or fault. It’s yours for believing you can have the latest and greatest for free.

Whether you like it or not, you have to spend money every year for the rest of your life if you want those attractive new features. So, stop being irrational and look at Adobe with fresh, new, smart eyes.

There is no free lunch.

Actually over 30 million Americans get a free lunch most every day so depending on age the OP might actually have a realistic expectation. Free lunch, free child care, free health care , free wi-fi...is it any wonder someone expects free software updates? It's insidious.

"Free lunches" are available for software as well. It is not at all uncommon to have a window for free upgrades, sometimes for those who bought even quite a while ago. For example, Photo Mechanic noted in their forum a while ago:

When you purchase a license of Photo Mechanic, you're entitled to free upgrades to any new major version that comes out within a year of your purchase date. Of course you also have access to all the build updates along the way as well. As of now, if you go past the one year the license upgrade price is $90.

And if you're familiar with PM you'd realize PM 6 was due any day now for about a year, so that policy made sense if they wanted any new customers.

A prudent consumer might avoid say the non "free lunch" developers (not sure which ones we're talking about) or the short interval ones like DxO.

DxO is to my mind an example of software hamstringed by it's own reluctance to do subscriptions. They need to continue to test cameras and lenses in order to make not only raw conversion possible, but also their lens corrections. The software is more or less useless with non conforming combos. Obviously they have ongoing costs. Yet rather than release incremental updates for just the lens correction, say, they bundle it into the new version and charge an upgrade fee. I prefer Adobe's more transparent subscription, which is why I went the other direction and dropped DxO to use just Lr/Ps/ACR. Ultimately you've gotta pay for that development, either with parsimonious DxO, greedy Adobe, or even the more generous Photo Mechanic.

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