Why I am selling my X10

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Brian Chichester
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Why I am selling my X10

I like a well-thought-out compact camera with a good zoom lens. It ought to be a great everyday carry-around camera and also a good travel camera when you have to travel light.

That's why, based on its reputation, I bought an X10 last year. First impressions were good: I liked the look of it, the feel of it in the hand, I enjoyed using it. I took it on a long overseas trip and made a number of satisfying images with it.

But as time went on I discovered issues. Much of the camera's character and appeal is in the EXR modes. But these are jpeg-only processes and pixel binning takes place so you only get a 6MP image. This began to bug me slightly – although the results are frequently beautiful, I have the sense when printing at A4 that I am on the limit.

Then there is the lens: it's a superb, fast 7-28 mm zoom (equivalent to 28-112 in old money) and it's probably the killer feature of the camera. However, my preferred style is wide angle shooting and the wide limit was often not wide enough. I tried a wide converter, and yes you get the field of view, but then the special quality of that lens is lost.

Finally the viewfinder: it's a simple optical VF that zooms with the lens and has no parallax correction, and no data in view. Kind of clunky. In practice, I usually preferred the rear screen. But the viewfinder adds considerably to the bulk of the camera and isn't really earning its keep.

My other kit consisted of M4/3 cameras (Panny GX-7 and G5) and lenses, so the X10, despite my misgivings, still scored as regards compactness. Then for some reason, a camera that I had overlooked came up on the radar (I think a dpreview thread mentioned it). Although it had appeared in early 2014, I had not seriously considered the Lumix GM1, but now I realised it answered most of my issues with the X10, in an even smaller form factor.

I already had the lenses – 12-32 mm zoom, 35-100 mm zoom, 7.5 mm prime (Samyang) – so I just needed the body and I was sorted.

Fujifilm X10 and Lumix GM1 with 12-32 mm zoom

Sorry Fujifilm. I do like the X10 for its beautiful jpeg colours and that stellar lens, but it doesn't quite earn its place any more.

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