RX10 IV - Perfect Yellowstone Camera?

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Re: RX10 IV - Perfect Yellowstone Camera?

Very true, many posts about what to take and it can be overwhelming.

Yes, depends on itinerary and who all is traveling together and when you do certain types of trips at a location you just do not want to be changing lenses too much and second guessing.

It is actually less stressful when you have a camera that the user thinks will take care of what they need. This can be a RX-10 or A73 with lens or other p&s or X100f whatever.

If you see a shot you want to grab it not look away and miss it. Sometimes I will keep my eye on the viewfinder ready to go using it as my eyes and just a part of my body.

Sometimes one just does not want to be bogged down with a heavy camera bag and sometimes the location dictates common sense safety to the non photographer who may just recognize a brand name.

Most locals just know where to go and not go.

Even locally where I live I would never ever ever bring a camera into areas even during day light hours.

The caveat is some local public events where it is normal to see cameras is different be aware and put your camera away or know when to stop

Trips like this is completely different where I was going with people type photography in public

If I had a big trip planned I have the RX-10 IV or RX-100 VI on my radar.

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