Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?

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Which (Godox) flash for new A7III owner?


I shot with a Sony original flash myself on my Sony FF body since that is what I managed to find quickly when I needed a flash, so I bit the bullet and payed the premium price it came with.

Now a friend of mine is about to leave Canon and get himself an A7III body and needs a good flash reasonable in budget for it.

  • I have read a lot about Godox, but have no own knowledge of those to advice him with. But Godox seems a good brand and not too expensive?
  • Which model would be good to buy (see use cases below)?
  • I have seen that the radio control units are fairly priced as well, which one of those would be a good fit if he wants to add one later?
  • Is there any other flash brand you think could be worth checking out and/or is there any other thing to think about when getting a new flash?

His primary flash subjects:

  • Portrait sessions with models indoors and outdoors (So TTL and HSS is needed).
  • Event photography in low light indoors (Focus Assist Light might be handy, but not necessary. And he also could have use for a simple small diffusor).

Thanks for the help and best regards from Sweden!
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