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I realize that this topic has been raised before, but I found this Graham Houghton video on the subject to be of interest:


If I understand him correctly, he is saying that i.zoom is superior to EX zoom and that both are better than regular digital zoom (which is probably right). But it surprised me that he believes that i.zoom is superior to EX zoom. I would have thought it would be the other way around. There is also this post from evetsf:


I have to admit that it is hard for me to tell the difference in quality between the test shots. Opinions would be very welcome. Thanks.

Regards, Dave

The camera's lower-resolution modes are scaling full-size sensor data down. EX zoom scales sensor data down from a crop....

EX Zoom does not "... scales sensor data down ...".

Just a simple 10MP or 5MP central crop of the sensor's area.

That's what its equivalent "Smart zoom" on my DSC-R1 with its mechanically linked zoom does.  It's either on, in which case it takes the crop corresponding to the selected JPEG resolution, or off, in which case the full sensor data is scaled down to the JPEG resolution.

However, on the motor-only zooms of the Panasonic FZ models, EX zoom covers the range from the end of the optical zoom, where the full sensor data is scaled down to the JPEG resolution, to the end of EX zoom, where just the crop corresponding to the selected JPEG resolution is taken.  Everything in between scales down from a larger-than-JPEG but smaller-than-full-sensor crop.  The only time EX zoom does not scale down but only crops is when the range of EX is exhausted and i.Zoom and/or digital zoom may be stacked on top, scaling up an even smaller crop.

.. i.Zoom is worse at the pixel level than EX zoom but has more pixels ...

True when using i.Zoom with full 20MP; you can use i.Zoom with the 10MP and 5MP EX.

... I'd not call i.Zoom superior to EX zoom but you'll find people swearing by it, ...

The main advantage of i.Zoom if for users that do NOT want to spend the time PP images.

i.Zoom provides a simple OOC solution just as in-camera Pano vs. taking multiple shots and stitching together into a pano.

I don't see the problem i.Zoom solves.  People complain when one "pixel-peeps" at i.Zoom images, but where is the point in generating pixels of a size you are not supposed to look at?  Basically, it's the same as using digital zoom first and i.Resolution afterwards so that it does not scale up the i.Resolution artifacts.  If you don't care for i.Resolution, it is just digital zoom up, and it's usually a better idea to leave digital zooming up to the final display or printing device which knows the resolution it is working with.

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