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Re: native & OEM IS perceivable better than adapted and 3rd party lenses

joger wrote:

MILC man wrote:

jogger wrote:

I have to admit that I don't look at zooms at all

with all due respect - it's not about you

with all due respect - it's not about you either, with wanting just primes

It's about options.

that is just a repeat of what has already been addressed.

except that you failed to mention any of the places that sony fell short, particularly in price, and with the lack of rear filter options.

And some work poorly with AF

agreed wrt with video af, in large part due to sony crippling it, via the laea3/a-mount video limitations.

and of course with sony crippling the af-c rate to 3fps, on all ff milc bodies but the a9.

not a 3rd-party lens issue, tho… sony did it to sony brand e-mount lenses, so it's not like sony is squeaky-clean here.

and others have poor sample to sample variation.

and the sony 35/1.4 doesn't have a sample variation problem?

Seriously - I don't regard 3rd party lenses as fully compatible even though they work and even worse they might not work properly after some firmware updates on the camera or with future cameras.

here is my first-hand art 135 experience on the a9, why don't you see if you can find any of your "work poorly with af" examples in there

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