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Ben Herrmann wrote:

OK - so in general if you are shooting at -2 to -3 EV, and then try to lift the shadows (and some hi-lights) within a RAW converter - that could become a pretty tall order.

I personally don't use DPP, although I have it installed (I'm a software freak, can't help it). If I shot the way you did, even in Lightroom I'd most likely have issues bringing up the shadows without running out of slider room (or with the noise involved at that low an EV offset).

And why are you shooting at F22 (that is, with the M5)? Diffraction at that point would take a huge toll on your sharpness levels, I would imagine.

As I said, I was trying to get good looking sunstars.

Usually you get the best sunstars when you stop down the lens quite a lot. Also you need a lens with an uneven number of aperture blades.

Most if not all modern lenses have rounded blades and don´t make decent sunstars, whatever the F-stop.

The Canon 15-85mm is a notable exception, it makes very pointy and well defined sunstars at F22 (see below).

The F2.8/16-35mm II is also pretty famous for sunstars, but I don´t have that (yet).

Besides the F22, sunstars are better defined, if you underexpose the shot by -2 or -3 EV (and lift the shadows in post). This way you keep the overexposed area as small as possible, which gives the sunstar a sharp and well defined look.

This is a science in itself :-).

Try it out (if you like sunstars, that is).

But I don´t generally shoot with -2 or -3 EV.

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Canon 15-85mm at F22, Palma de Mallorca

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