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Re: native & OEM is better than adapted and 3rd party

nebulla wrote:

DenImage wrote:

Do you ever admit you're wrong Joger???

I doubt it.

Your broad sweeping statement "native & OEM is better than adapted and 3rd party" is not accurate. There are 3rd party lenses that are just as good (if not better) as native models.


Den, I totally agree with you. I have seen statement like this too often which is pure rubbish in most cases. No one would disagree that a native lens would not outperform an adapted lens, but in reality, not by any large margin IMO. I have been using my Canon lenses on the Sony A7iii since I purchased it with hardly any loss of performance or IQ. My Canon 17-40L, Canon 70-200 L 85mm F1.8 with the Sigma MC-11 works without a hitch, with great IQ from all these lenses. I also have the Sony 24-105mm,which I like , but nothing that I would really miss with my Canon lenses if I did not have it.

+1 for me. In fact, when I switched to Sony, my Sigma adapted lenses performed better than they ever did on any Canon body, including the 5DIV.

Things are different with the Sony E mount, as they've opened up the mount for third party compatibility, unlike Canon and Nikon. I don't know why samyang seems to struggle still, but Tamron and Sigma lenses are basically performing as native on the current Alpha cameras. I'm not sure the same is true for Nikon Z and Canon R, where they're still closed spec mounts, keeping third party mfgs guessing and reverse engineering.

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