EX zoom, i.zoom and digital zoom

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Re: EX zoom, i.zoom and digital zoom

dbelling wrote:

I realize that this topic has been raised before, but I found this Graham Houghton video on the subject to be of interest:


If I understand him correctly, he is saying that i.zoom is superior to EX zoom and that both are better than regular digital zoom (which is probably right). But it surprised me that he believes that i.zoom is superior to EX zoom. I would have thought it would be the other way around. There is also this post from evetsf:


I have to admit that it is hard for me to tell the difference in quality between the test shots. Opinions would be very welcome. Thanks.

Regards, Dave

I am with you, Dave.

I've owned plenty of FZ's since 2004....and when they started using EX Zoom...I liked it.

I never did like I.zoom...and feel EX Zoom is for sure better than I.zoom

EX Zoom doesn't interpolate back up to full resolution....nor  does it sharpen or smooth out areas that I.zoom does.

Only lower resolution is what one looses with EX Zoom.

What one gains is metering and AF on the subject..and of course an in camera crop to gain a bit more zoom reach.

Back in the day 5 to 8MP was all the resolution we ever had



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