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Re: native & OEM IS for me better than adapted and 3rd party

joger wrote:

DenImage wrote:

Do you ever admit you're wrong Joger???

I doubt it.

Your broad sweeping statement "native & OEM is better than adapted and 3rd party" is not accurate. There are 3rd party lenses that are just as good (if not better) as native models.


  • no programmable buttons on any 3rd party FE lens

I don't need that functionality with all lenses, so it's personal preference.

  • no aperture ring on any 3rd party AF lens

why do you want to duplicate functionality that the dial aperture control on the body already has? that isn't an advantage, it's personal preference.

  • comparable weak MFing on Batis and Samyang AF lenses - did not check the Tamron and Sigma offering to date - I would assume they might be similar in precision

not important for people who don't use mf.

  • no AF/MF switch on many 3rd party lenses (not all - I know)

yes, it's personal preference again.

  • Samyang is rather poor in AF performance

Samyang is:
1) much cheaper
2) Samyang 35/2.8 is sharper than the sony fe35/2.8:

sony pricing on the fe35/2.8 and the fe55 is too expensive for what those lenses offer.

  • Sigma has only DSLR AF designs with built in MC-11 adapter

I picked up the sigma ef 14-24/2.8 because it was $900 shipped brand new, and it has a rear filter holder... can't get either those things in the equivalent sony brand lens, and it's sharp to the corners wide open, at 19mm, with the 14mm end being better than the 24mm end.

I've shot sports with both mount versions of the sigma art 135, at 13-14fps af-c, they both rocked, with xlnt af on the a9... I don't see any penalty for "dslr af" there, because it's much better performance than you can get on any dslr.

and although the art 135 is obviously not in the same af class as the fe135, it's much cheaper.

these things can be a tradeoff, not always a hard win for sony.

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