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Viewing scene without corrections

RodneyCampbell wrote:

Let’s take a system like my Nikon Z mirrorless camera with a Nikkor Z lens attached. When you look through the viewfinder or compose using the rear LCD you are seeing the view WITH these anticipated/designed lens manufacturer software corrections being applied. i.e. it is designed to be WYSIWYG. You can compose your scene as you desire with things exactly along the edges or right at a corner and fully expect it will be there in the final image. Likewise compose to exclude things from outside the frame and they won’t be there in the final image as intended

That is… if you purposely DON’T apply the manufacturer designed software corrections, then your carefully composed scene MAY NOT match the image you get. If however you DO apply the software corrections, your composed scene WILL match the image you get in post. In the case of the Z system the “baked” in software corrections are automatically applied by a number of popular image software applications (e.g. Adobe)

You can view the scene without corrections by slighting turning the lens off the mount so that it electrically disconnects from the body. However, the focus on most Z lenses shifts when you do this.

You can of course load the raw image files into software which does not do these intended software corrections. This includes imaging/lens testbed systems.

You can do the same on Adobe products, per the instructions here.

And for reference, my deep-dive into the corrections data here.

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