As unbiased as can be please? Help needed.

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Re: As unbiased as can be please? Help needed.

Focus Lock wrote:

So I can see that some of us are having discussion regarding lenses etc. Which is to some degree pertinent but am I right in thinking that the D850 is being viewed as not so golden due to perhaps not handling wider apertures than F2.8? And I wonder anyway if it’s market is really for shooting wider open anyway?

I think that's overstating the case a bit. The D850 is an excellent camera and the quibbles in question are comparatively minor points. They are twofold:

i) focus accuracy doesn't improve at apertures wider than f2.8 (but in most situations, accuracy at f2.8 will suffice, so most users won't experience this as "not handling" wider apertures - though it's likely that something like the a9 and possibly the a7iii might give slightly better AF accuracy at <f2.8 apertures), and

ii) like all dSLRs, micro focus adjustment is needed to get pinpoint precision, and at wide apertures any slight mis-adjustment will be more noticeable, plus slight variations in the mirror position can also result in AF errors that might be visible when the DOF is shallowest. Again, most users won't experience this as "not handling" wider apertures, but the pinpoint focus precision at <f2.8 apertures might be less than an a9 or a7iii and the micro focus adjustment routine is a PIA.

IOW, if the D850 has appeal in all other respects, the above issues are probably not enough to be a deal breaker. Unless razor sharp AF precision at ~f1.4 is the (or a) main thing you care about.

What id like to know is so I run Nikon and Sony side by side with the issues that can have or do I jump full depth into Sony but then I’d need optics for landscape and wildlife. I need a body that does some speed and more resolution!

Personally, I would prefer to jump all-in with one system rather than maintaining two or more concurrently, basically because I've done it (≥2 systems) before and I'm pretty much over it. ; )

If you're leaning towards consolidating on one system, based on want to do and what's available right now, that probably means Sony. Unless you decide you need the fastest available burst and AF speeds, the a7Riii might do what you want. It's not in the same league WRT fps as the a9, but it's still faster (i.e. 10fps) than most dSLRs. I find the AF tracking sufficient for BIF (better than older dSLRs I've used, but I haven't directly compared it to current dSLRs such as the D850).

Do I wait for a9ii? Or maybe Nikon has something?

Who can say?! It may be a while before Nikon has anything that matches the current spec of the a9. By then, Sony will probably be further ahead, whether with an a9ii or something else.

If you're disposed to wait, there will always be "something better" around the corner, so you may end up waiting forever. Meanwhile shooting opportunities go by. My advice is to get/use what's available now, and consider upgrading if and when there's a compelling reason to.

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