How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: The disruptive economy

Dan Marchant wrote:

Chaplain Mark wrote:

I can't think of a quicker, more efficient way to part with one's gear, aside from laying it down on a street corner and walking away, than this KitSplit nonsense.....

It was named KitSplit because some stranger splits with your kit...!!

Dude you are so old fashioned. This is the new disruptive economy and the OP is just the necessary collateral damage in the transition from the dying old order.

You really shouldn't be putting a downer on people's right to start new disruptive businesses that avoid complying with bothersome regulations or providing any of those annoying protections for customers such as actual worthwhile insurance or doing any of those things that an old order "actual rental company" would know are necessary (such a fraud checks on cards and taking substantial deposits secured on said card).

Sadly many of these new "middle man" companies are set up with slick web sites that appear to promise a lot but actually don't... and the company makes sure they are insulated from both directions/pass the risk onto the customers/users, without making that clear. The image the OP posted of the page (FAQ?) that states "As a gear owner, should I be worried about voluntary parting" is a great example because the subsequent text sounds great but actually isn't talking about voluntary parting at all.


My bad...!!


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