If you had about $650

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burritosandbeer wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Lens>camera. My hesitation would be whether you'll actually use a UWA zoom, because it's a specialty lens. I like my 7-14 but it took awhile to learn how to take advantage of its unique qualities.



I'll add a bit of information I omitted earlier. Near the end of summer I will be taking a kayaking trip to isle royale and was looking at more landscapes.

That's sounds like a ton of fun. I am from Michigan (live in Virginia now), but I have unfortunately never made it to isle royale. From what I've have heard, make sure you are not going during biting fly season.

Here is my input. I am not terribly familiar with Panasonic camera models, but I don't think upgrading the body is going to get you much improvement for this trip. I suspect most shots will be landscape shots in reasonable light (and I hope you are bringing a light tripod... otherwise get a tripod).

The lens may or may not be useful depending on what you are shooting. I gave been on a couple trips where I was sad I didn't have anything wider than 14mm (I now have the Panasonic 7 to 14). However, I feel like 12 mm may be adequate for a place like isle royale. Also keep in mind that ultra wide angle must really be used carefully from a composition standpoint. Otherwise everything in the frame looks tiny and unimpressive.

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