Sony A7 in service for 6 years, I love its sleek body design, I might buy an A7R

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Miki Nemeth
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Sony A7 in service for 6 years, I love its sleek body design, I might buy an A7R

After starting (digital) photography with Nikon V1 in 2013 summer, shortly after, I bought an A7 right away it was announced before 2013 Christmas. I had only a year to enjoy my A7, when my daughter started her semi-pro photography career, she took over the A7 with her nice collection of manual focus lenses, and the camera has been in service, and she loves it. For a recent interior photography assignment, I borrowed the 6-year A7 back for a couple of days, and the camera worked brilliantly. Definitely the daughter is regarding the A7 as tool, and hasn't baby-caring it, so the camera has five rough years and it shows ware and being battered, definitely. So, definitely the A7 is really a tough camera and capable of resisting rough handling.

I love the slim body design of the A7. Honestly, I love this sleek original design vs the newer bigger bodies. I am thinking of buying an original A7R just because of this classic design.

A classic combo: Minolta lens on a film-camera looking digital camera.

The prices are so great today that I am thinking of buying an A7R, definitely it would be hard for me to justify spending 3-times more on a more recent digital camera.

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