How to get better AF (M10-II)

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How to get better AF (M10-II)

Hi All,

I have an OM-D E-M10-II with Pro glass. I have the AF on S-AF, Center, about 95% of the time.
I find the AF to be very fast and accurate in stationary situations.

More challenging are fast moving subjects, and sometimes I want to use L-speed as well (to capture action).

I am talking about summersaults, cartwheels, a cyclist; the camera will often look just past the subject and focus on the background.

Pre-focus works in a few cases, but not if the subject has movement towards or away from me.

What is the best solution?

- Use 3x3 Af points in the hope the camera will pick the subject and not the background
- Use C-AF with center-AF and manually keep the subject in the middle
- C-AF with tracking?
- Another camera? Budget wise I could go to the level of an M5, not more.

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