Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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A new APSC with 26mp in 2020 not a K3 replacement that camera is history this will be NEW flagship

if it were true, 26MP resolution would require fractions of a pixel to work out.

the maximum practical resolution of 25,958,400 pixels, that Fujifilm camera achieves, falls over 40,000 pixels below the mark and barely 1.9 MP over the resolution of a 24MP sensor. When distributed geometrically, it adds about 3% increase horizontally and vertically. Negligible.

the question follows: is this "26MP" sensor just the same old 24MP but with a fraction of a mm wider surface, which any crop lens covers anyway?

As expected, your post doesn't make any sense.

The 26MP sensor - assumed to be the Sony IMX571 - is obviously unrelated to the old 24MP. The list of differences is extensive, including the higher number of pixels, the fact that it's a back-illuminated sensor, high readout speed, 16-bit readout (16-bit AD/C included). It has about 26.78MP total pixels, and 26.02 active pixels though the latter I guess can be customized a bit.

And its APS-C sized.


So besides

1 lower noise

2 higher bandwidth

3 faster

4 more pixels

just what is the difference .....lmfao

As mistral posted above:

4K video.

thats a function of higher bandwidth

And a number of other things i'm not familiar with....

My list was tongue in cheek hence the lmfao - the points I raised as improved would/do allow better then D500 specifications hence my mirth and leg pulling.

But a sensor capability does not necessarily deliver a better camera it only a part.

seriously though I don't think is a bad thing similar pixel density but all the modern design improvements.

My own feeling is that 20-30Mp is the sweet spot for aps-C offering High DR great low light and decent pixel density .

As technology moves forward the improve power handling and all the above benefits would provide plenty of incentive for a new camera.

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