Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: then don't use it

olstrup wrote:

What I react against are blanket statements like "seriously flawed", "bug", "what did they think", "deal breaker" and the like as we see quite often on these fora - and people who gets offended and defensive when somebody expresses a different view.

Exactly. When I hear or read those words I just laugh, because most of the times it's obvious that what's "seriously flawed" is the person making such statements.

One person wants something, another person think it's a bad idea. Most often we can't get our wishes fulfilled 100% with industrial products so out of necessity we have to adapt a little.

Technically it is possible to parametrize almost any individual needs or wishes, but it would make a camera so expensive and so complex that nobody would buy it. It would also require a serious programmer just to get started and configure to your needs.

Yes, industrial products are full of compromises. They must be sellable and good enough but we will always be required to adjust ourselves to some degree if we want to use the products. This is the case for everything we use in life. Nothing is perfect and we can always find something to whine about.

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