Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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Re: Nonsense

Alex Sarbu wrote:

the question follows: is this "26MP" sensor just the same old 24MP but with a fraction of a mm wider surface, which any crop lens covers anyway?

As expected, your post doesn't make any sense.

Thanks for the rescue.

The 26MP sensor - assumed to be the Sony IMX571 - is obviously unrelated to the old 24MP.

They are the first cousins, from the father's side.

The list of differences is extensive,

Does it mean we can count them on the fingers of one hand, or three hands?

including the higher number of pixels,

A profoundly different number.

the fact that it's a back-illuminated sensor,

What's on the back hardly influences what's on the front. My original note was not about that.

high readout speed,

There are 24MP sensors with high readout speeds too. To which one you are referring to?

16-bit readout (16-bit AD/C included).

That has nothing to do with the pixel count. My 5MP camera has 16-bit colour too.

And its APS-C sized.

Yeah, the previous must have been a tad shorter. Or larger? Confusing!


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