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Re: native & OEM is better than adapted and 3rd party

DenImage wrote:

"native & OEM is better than adapted and 3rd party"


I disagree,

My "3rd party" Tamron FE 28-75mm is faultless, and performs no worse than Sony's good quality native lenses. Zeiss lenses like the Batis range (also "3rd party") are also just as good, so I'm not sure why you're saying 3rd party lenses aren't as good?


I have to admit that I don't look at zooms at all

I will bookmark this thread and get back once I see someone complaining about the AF compatibility once Sony issued a new firmware for existing or new bodies in a few months from now

The likelihood that brand name products are more compatible is much higher than any 3rd party product - no matter how carefully they work together with the OEM.

Optically I am sure that the Tammy is a nice zoom - yet it is not much useful for me at the long end with only f/2.8 and not very wide at the short end being only 28 mm FOV - not my cup of tea but in case this is o.k. for you and the Eye-AF works fine with the current setup just enjoy! (and never upgrade any firmware - never change a running system!)

I look at those topics from a system approach.

MFing is utterly important for landscape and architecture. In this respect the Batis lenses failed miserably in my tests. The Loxias are MF by design and there is hardly anything to criticize.

I rarely need AF but when I need it I have to rely 100 % on it. The Samyang 35 f/1.4 AF was hunting a lot and the hit rate went down the drain. With my ZA 50 and my GM 85 and my GM 135 the hit rate is near to perfection for Eye-AF wide open and head shots

In case yo can live with the risk of failure in situations where you're payed for the results this is of course a high saving potential - but one job might pay for the difference in price

Sony's resent lens introductions were all top notch and IMHO almost a steal.

Interestingly the G 200-600 seems to be optically also a marvel being much cheaper than I thought. I am not sure what the shortcomings might be but it might be simply a try to win over the wildlife shooters with a bargain offer

(btw - one of the two zooms I [will] own)

Since I don't use slow f/2.8 medium focal length zoom I have no interest in the Tamron 28-75 - though I've owned an old version of it for Nikon and I was unpleasantly surprised by the optical quality 15 years ago. No critique on the current one - many praise it.

Just my 2 cent - the GM primes from Sony are just gorgeous IMHO.

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