How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

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Re: How I Got my $3500 Camera Kit Stolen on KitSplit for $70

The Case for Bragging
By Lisbeth Kaufman, Feb 7, 2018

When KitSplit, the startup I co-founded was just launching, I got a lot of advice "to show confidence—always be pitching, always be bragging." But the lesson didn’t sink in ...
I’ve become an accomplished boaster—about my leadership, my team, the company, its future. And it works. I've pitched hundreds of investors and raised two rounds of funding. Over time, I’ve come to value a woman who unabashedly brags...

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She should brag that she is as amoral as any male huckster, con artist, or other swindler.

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