Lens Hood for the pancake lenses

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Re: Lens Hood for the pancake lenses

Dave wrote:

Good tip. Thanks. The actual pancake hood (I liken it to a poker chip with a hole in it) is almost worth getting as a conversation starter. I have no idea why it would be effective.

I don’t see why the “poker chip” hood would have trouble fulfilling the optical function of a hood—that’s a matter of blocking stray light from outside of the frame of view, so a small hood very close to the lens should be just as effective as a large one well away from the lens, as long as the two block the exact same incident angles from the front element’s point of view.

Physical protection is another matter. Personally I made the choice to stick to the poker chip hood since retaining the pancake form factor is more important to me than the small possibility of physical damage, but if I had to prioritize keeping the lens safe over saving space in my camera bag, then of course I’d use the larger third-party hood.

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