If you had about $650

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burritosandbeer wrote:

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burritosandbeer wrote:

Would you buy a used Panasonic 7-14mm f/4, or nab a new G85?

I liove my G7, but the better shutter and ibis of the G85 makes it an awfully tempting item. Or keep my G7 another year and nab an UWA lens as it's one of the gaps in my lens collection.

If you had a limited budget and had to pick one, which would you get?

I’d buy a Rokinon 7.5 fisheye for about $200, and buy beer with the other $450. More fun all the way around..

While normally I'd adamantly agree with you, I'm trying to drink less, and shoot more. That, and I've never been a fan of fisheyes...

Well...…...I can relate to drinking less.

On the fisheye however, I too was reluctant to try one, but needed as cheap, light, wide angle for travel, and for $200 I thought I'd give it a try for a trip and than put it on the block. That was a couple of years ago and I found that, for me, de-fishing was in fact more desirable than the wide angles I had (the good ones are expensive and the inexpensive ones  are just...inexpensive). I also began to explore the interesting aspects of the fisheyes, more artsy fartsy than strictly documentary, and I really have come to like it. It normally accompanies me on every outing, now.

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