m43 vs Fuji X - My verdict (still ongoing, but...)

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m43 vs Fuji X - My verdict (still ongoing, but...)

Affected a little bit by the Fuji X myth, a little bit by its retro looks and a little bit by my GAS, I decided some months ago to buy a Fuji X70 in order to replace my 1" and GM1 as a carry everywhere camera. I was impressed by it especially by the film simulations and the SS and A dial controls. That impression made me also look more into the Fuji X system as a possible replacement of my m43 system. So I started with an XT1, the 18-135 lens, the 35/f2 and the 50/f2. After a couple of months I decided to replace my XT1 with another used XT2. And now after several photos taken with the Fuji X system, I think I can tell you about some of my impressions from the Fuji X system especially compared to the m43 (I have the GX8).

If you are bored to read any further, the short story is that the m43 is a fantastic, well balanced system with only the few drawbacks that come from its smaller sensor! The Fuji X70 is a great little camera but the Fuji ILC system has still some things to learn from the m43! But lets get to more details:

  • XT2 S-AF is a bit slower than my GX8, but fairly good.
  • XT2 Fae/Eye detect AF is definitely worse than my GX8!
  • XT2 CAF should be better but have not made any extensive tests.
  • Ergonomics are very subjective, but while the XT2 body is relatively small and light, the Fuji zoom lens is not!! The GX8+PL12-60 combo is smaller and lighter than the XT2+18-135! The XT2 seems better suited with the Fuji primes.
  • I like the Fuji SS, ISO and A dials but I am not sure they are more friendly/faster than the PASM mode. In some instances its faster to change a setting on the XT2 such as the drive or metering options but in some others, not.
  • Fuji lenses are less and more expensive than the m43 ones. I was looking for a macro lens (similar to Olympus 60mm/2.8) and there are only two lenses, one 60mm/2.4 non stabilized or WR and another 90mm which is IS and WR but is huge, heavy and expensive! Same on the long FL, there is nothing similar to the Olympus 75-300 or Panasonic 100-300 zoom lenses. The limited Fuji lens line compared to the m43 is for me the most serious drawback between the two systems. The upcoming 16-80/f4 lens will be a nice addition but there are still not 12-200, 14-140 or 100-300 lenses in the Fuji roadmap
  • Fuji interface when compared to the Panasonic seems a bit "rough" or outdated. For example, you cannot use spot metering when Face detect is on (!!).
  • Low light or high ISO IQ is indeed a bit better than the m43 one mainly after ISO 1600 and especially if you shoot JPEG. BUT...
  • ...almost all Fuji bodies but one (XH1) lack IBIS!!! So for a static scene my GX8 can shoot at lower SS compensating for the smaller sensor! To make things worse even a lot of Fuji prime lenses lack OIS!

m43 ISO1600 is indeed only slightly better than Fuji ISO6400, but at least with the help of IBIS you can go to slower SS...

  • XT2 AWB is better in artificial light where GX8 tends to be very warm. On the other hand I have the sense that XT2 underexposes a bit when compared to the GX8

Artificial light AWB is more accurate on the XT2, but exposure is a bit lower... Same results were achieved with the human skins with the XT2 being more accurate and less warm.

  • Fuji film simulations are very nice, especially the Provia and Chroma films.
  • Although subjective, in my opinion XT2 colors are indeed better than the GX8 mainly in skin tones and also in Provia and Chroma films
  • DR is quite close for both cameras, but I feel colors transition (e.g. in sunsets) is better with the XT2

I feel the Fuji colors and color transitions just look better

Currently I enjoy both systems and indeed both can produce excellent images, but personally the Fuji X myth I had believed before buying and trying the cameras has somewhat worn off and on the other hand I have more faith in the m43 system!

If you are interested in seeing more samples from both systems, please visit my flickr and instagram acconts

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