Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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Re: then don't use it

Peter v.d Werf wrote:

olstrup wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

.... but really, the camera offers so many possibilities that if it is not enough for you then it's your skills which must be improved the first place.


I have owned and used cameras for more than 50 years and I have yet to see a camera which doesn't have quirks necessitating workarounds - as seen from my personal perspective.

As Alfred Eisenstaedt said: "Good pictures doesn't come from fancy gear - good pictures are the result of the photographers ability to be ressorceful with whatever gear he has". It has never been easier to be ressourceful than it is with present day cameras.


If everyone thought like mr Eisenstaedt, then probably there would not have been any progress in camera gear development in the last 50 years as we'd all be stuck improving on our skills working with camera's as where available in the early 1900's.... Or perhaps in your 50 years or camera experience you indeed have only worked with those, could be of course....

But cameras are factory products and not custom builds and it's impossible to please everybody 100%.

Sounds like something mr. Eisenstaedt could have said;-). But really, I really hope that the fact that something is a mass production or factory product, does not limit or prohibit users from making comments how things work or come up with suggestions on what they think should improve....

Isn't that exactly what (should) drive improvements? Perhaps imagine that other users have other requirements and would prefer to have something changed/improved. The fact that it's not relevant for your usage, should not automatically invalidate another users requirements.
But perhaps mr. Eisenstaedt has another view, quote or experience on that;-)

I've had multiple situations where at first I thought a new feature or function would not apply for me, but once using it, is did improve my workflow or improve quality..

I think you have misunderstood my point. In fact, I don't think we disagree much. I am not at all against technical progress and I take advantage of it myself. I have "upgraded" my camera gear regularly through the years. I'm not against a camera having features I don't need - I just don't use them then. I do appreciate people who suggest this or that improvement.

You may notice that I wrote that the modern cameras has made it easier than ever to be resourceful as a photographer. That is not an expression of a luddite view. On the contrary, it's acknowledging the technical progress.

What I react against are blanket statements like "seriously flawed", "bug", "what did they think", "deal breaker" and the like as we see quite often on these fora - and people who gets offended and defensive when somebody expresses a different view. One person wants something, another person think it's a bad idea. Most often we can't get our wishes fulfilled 100% with industrial products so out of necessity we have to adapt a little.

And oh, I do think Alfred Eisenstaedt had a point. I don't know if you know who he was. He was one of the Life photographers. He's the one who shot the famous picture of the marine soldier kissing a nurse during a ticker tape parade at the end of WWII. He didn't oppose technical progress. He embraced the advent of the Leica camera around 1930 and immediately saw its advantage for a travelling photographer. He grabbed the new pictoral opportunities when the first Leica Super Angulon 21mm was introduced. He was one of the first to have a Leica with the Leicavit rapid winder. But he also knew that if he wasn't able to see see the picture opportunities with the gear at hand , no gear - simple or fancy - would shoot good pictures. But of course, good gear made his professional life easier.

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"Sharpness is a bourgeois concept." (Henri Cartier-Bresson)

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