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Re: Why is daylight WB so blue on the D750?

Kung Fu wrote:

On all my previous Canon, Sony, and Fuji cameras, if I was out in full summer sun, the “daylight” WB setting was really close if not perfect. But with my new D750, it seems way too cool:

Unedited camera jpeg

I’m new to Nikon, is this typical? Or maybe I have some setting incorrect? I checked the fine tune feature and it’s untouched.

Note: I do have a 3-stop B+W MRC ND filter on the lens at all times.

Please don’t respond with “shoot Raw”, thank you.

My D750 did shoot a little on the cool side, IMO, but nowhere near as cool as that. In looking at the EXIF data via Adobe Bridge, I see the WB was set to "Daylight" but "Manual" is also indicated, which makes me wonder if the default Daylight WB setting has been altered. I'd check the setting and find out; unless that's what you're referring to as the "Fine Tune" feature.

That, or it's the ND filter as previously mentioned... Easy enough to find out.

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