NIkon 28-105: An Oldie but a Goodie

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NIkon 28-105: An Oldie but a Goodie

This lens is so old (circa 1999) I had to choose a custom name to post this review. I bought it a few months back as an addition to my prime heavy wide to midrange lens collection. I planned to stay with primes in this range when I got an fx camera, but missed the versatility of a zoom. The range and excellent closeup ability nicely mirrored the specs of the midrange I used on my dx lenses so productively for so long (Sigma 17-70). And, I can't complain about the price! $80 in excellent condition.

Now to the review. I wasn't planning on writing a review until I processed this shot yesterday. I simply can't complain about the sharpness of this result. There are ca's to contend with and I had to correct them here. I might have gotten away with not doing it on this particular shot as they were barely noticeable at full view and I am likely more attuned to this distortion than the average person. It can be considerably more noticeable in other shots. I have never found it to be beyond correction. And, it is not any more significant than in the images of some of my new lenses (Tamron 35 for instance).

I have been reading the reviews of the new Tamron 35-150 and am very impressed. I have considered replacing the 28-105 with it. This sort of result decreases the GAS.

Now, many people will likely not want a lens of this sort without stabilization. And, yes, that can limit one's ability to get slow shutter results. But, I was able to get this one at 1/80 shot at 105mm. Okay, not at 1/15 or so but still slower than 1/focal length.

I doubt the 35-150 will approximate this lens' semi-macro ability. Getting a 1:2 result is obviously beyond the capacity of the newer lens. Here is a closeup using the macro setting:

Yes, using it is at first awkward. But, one gets used to switching from normal to macro and back. This was taken handheld. I have yet to use it on a tripod for closeups which is really something I ought to have done by now.

Some of my image making entails quite a bit of processing. I have had no problem using the files from this lens to do what I want with software. I like to shoot intentional camera movement shots at times:

And black and whites:

Should I get a 35-150? A lens with slippery manual focus and a spinning af? Lesser build quality? For 10x the price? Maybe I will as my GAS is a chronic problem. Not right now, though.

I hope you enjoyed this review posted twenty years after the lens' release date. Maybe it will convince a few folks to give older lenses a shot. Some newer Nikon cameras are making af-D lenses obsolete as they lack the af motor to drive these screw lenses. This is consideration and one should be aware of whether one can use an af-d lens on one's current camera or one that may be purchased in the future. I do not take away points for the way a lens is designed only for where it fails to perform along specific parameters like sharpness or distortion. Build quality and the feeling of using it in the field or also considered. This lens loses a star for the ca's. It wasn't as sharp in my chart testing as my primes (of course), but has been satisfactory in real world image such as these. I haven't done my usual, full testing procedure. Starbursts, flare performance, etc. Considering the price, I don't have the same level of demand for perfection that I have had with my more expensive lenses. I have been focused much more on simply appreciating real world pics at full view (not with perfectionist pixel peeping). I still use my primes primarily but do like to use it in more casual shooting situations (when with non photographers or traveling with reduced gear). Its semi-macro capacity is nice but I do have two macro lenses I use when specifically focused on such shots.  This is one of only two Nikon lenses I own.  I use it a lot more than my 50 1.8 D, another oldie but goodie.

This lens was not tagged automatically and I cannot tag this lens manually. Speaks to the age of this lens. Maybe DPReview does not include all lenses of this age in its database.

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