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You have a broken camera

I picked mine up and tested your first and third points. AF-S was near instantaneous on mine (on the half press as you described), and with respect to your first point the delay in switching between viewfinder and rear LCD was between .2 and .3 seconds. That switch time is consistent with other Fuji and non-Fuji cameras I have owned.

Your second point is actually several points. The easiest to address is the Q button. Can it be pushed accidentally? Sure. Particularly after first getting the camera. A year later it is rarely an issue for me, and honestly any Q button or joystick or dial is occasionally going to get mis-pushed regardless of manufacturer or placement.

Your workflow issues are a common complaint about Fuji cameras in general, some people think the issues are traumatic, some people think they are enormously overblown.

But ultimately I think you have a broken camera and that issue is potentially tainting the fairly normal acclimation process that a user has with almost any camera.

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