Where should MFT strive to improve

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Where should MFT strive to improve

What is your opinion and if you care to comment, why?

Megapixels. It's all about the pixels baby. Let me crop till my hear is content and still print the size of a billboard.
5.7% 14  votes
High ISO Noise. I hate those grainy little $π!#$. I need to shoot in total darkness and see what my eyes are missing.
28.0% 69  votes
Dynamic range. It's dynamic. It's range. What's not to love?
17.9% 44  votes
Lenses. Show me the glass!!! I want every option FF has and more so I can dream about all the lenses I can't afford
6.5% 16  votes
AI...cameras will take over the world and know what we want to photography before it even exists.
6.5% 16  votes
Three words. Aut - o - focus. Automatic omazing focus.
24.0% 59  votes
I got a better idea.....(let's hear it)
11.4% 28  votes
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