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Re: A great camera... that I am selling

Skyler King wrote:

This is a great camera, overall. I have no doubt that most people would really enjoy it. The ergonomics are fantastic, the viewfinder and touchscreen are great, and that top display is a real gem. The image stabilization also works fantastically well, with the latest firmware.

However, at the end of the day, as much as I like this camera (I do enjoy a lot about this camera) and as many things as it has going for it... I am now going to be parting with it.

I am not wanting to argue about my experience vs anyone else's. I am not wanting to compare test charts. I do not care about the numbers and the figures. Those debates will never end with any camera or with any subject related to photography.

For me, it comes down to the experience of using it.

It may sound trivial to some, but there are a few issues I have had with this camera that I have desperately tried to "figure out" or "work around" or even simply "ignore" that, honestly, are just spoiling my entire experience with this camera and have contributed to my decision to sell this camera.

1) The automatic switch from viewfinder to rear display is very slow. I have tried all the settings, but for some reason it is just slow. When I lift the camera to my eye to compose through the viewfinder, the camera always hesitates and takes quite awhile to switch over to the viewfinder. I have actually never experienced a camera that hesitated so much. I know that I "could" just leave both of them on at all times, but I do not want to have the viewfinder constantly on if I am not using it, I do not want to have the screen constantly on if I am not using it, and I do not want to have to press the button to switch between displays every single time I want to switch back and forth, since there are several options to cycle through and it actually takes too long. I just want the automatic switch from rear display to viewfinder to work as it should (and as it always has on every other camera) but it does not. And no, putting the camera in boost mode does not help, as I always have the camera in boost mode.

2) I am not happy with the editing process. Maybe it is X-Trans, maybe it is the newer generation algorithms, maybe it is magic smoke, but in the end, I am not happy with the output of this camera. With every other camera I have ever owned, I ignore the camera itself. I focus on the photo I am making, alone. After a day or a week of shooting, I transfer the photos to my computer, select the photos I think are worth editing/saving, and then start the editing/tweaking process. Editing my photos only makes them look better, improving the photo from its starting point. I end up with quite a few photos that I am happy with and I actually have a hard time choosing "just one" photo so publish.
----Not so with the X-H1. I am finding that the camera will not just "get out of my way" and let me focus on the photo. I am constantly hitting the Q-button (badly placed) by accident, or quickly trying to catch a fleeting moment only to be stopped in my tracks by the viewfinder not coming on when I lift the camera to my eye, or the autofocus moving so slow that I completely miss the scene. At the end of the day, I am frustrated and rarely have any photos at all, let alone photos that I am excited about seeing. If I do have a rare photo that I am excited about, I notice that the editing process is a nightmare. No matter what I do to the photo, it seems like any tweaks or edits are only making the image look worse rather than enhancing it. I have had this camera for several weeks and have not come up with a single photo that I am proud of or happy with, come to think of it.

3) The autofocus... This is hard to describe, but I will do my best. When the autofocus locks on, it is accurate. When it is tracking a subject, it does fine. However, when I have the camera in AF-S and just want to quickly point the camera at the subject, half-press the shutter, and have the focus lock on... it is SLOOOOOOOOOOOW. I have NEVER experienced ANY camera of ANY type or style from ANY era that has such unbelievably slow autofocus. Again, let me be clear; It is not that it is hunting back and forth (it's not) or that it doesn't focus accurately (it does) or that it can't track a subject (it can). The problem is that the initial acquisition seems to take a lifetime. When I focus on something very close to me, then try to focus on something far away from me (such as going from minimum focus to infinity) the focus is just SLOOOOOOOOW. It literally moved at a very slow walking pace. Maybe slower, in fact. I think I could walk from my desk to the door, at a lazy pace, faster than this camera can switch from focusing on my desk to focusing on my door. The lens I use doesn't seem to make a difference, either. I have tried every setting and every combination of settings that I can think of, even things that shouldn't make a difference, and nothing improves the autofocus acquisition speed. This, alone, is basically a deal breaker, for me.

Now, I understand that many people may disagree with me. I am sure there are countless people that will argue with every point I have made and tell me all the reasons why my first hand experiences are completely invalid and none of the issues I have had exist. That's fine. I am not here to argue or debate. I want to love this camera. I have tried to love this camera. There are many things I do love about this camera. But, it is time for me to sell this camera.

Thanks for taking the time to provide a lot of detail on your personal experiences. I can honestly say that I have a very different experience from yours and am very happy with this camera body.

But, everyone is different and it is clear this camera didn't work out for you. Life is too short to continue to struggle with a camera that does not give you joy; your time is better spent finding that camera system that is a better match for your current needs.

This camera will probably not work out for a lot of other people and so it's nice that you shared your experiences.

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