A great camera... that I am selling

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Re: A great camera... that I am selling

NextShowForSure wrote:

biza43 wrote:

NextShowForSure wrote:

It is interesting to wonder if the camera did not have IBIS would anyone would be using it all.

I would. For me, it is the best X camera to use handheld.

With IBIS it would be so that does not entirely reassure me. I have never used the camera myself and will probably get one at the end of the year if they are cheap enough and I can save some pennies. Difficult to see that they are selling or generate a lot of enthusiasm though but I am a very undemanding user so if it is as good as my X-A3 then there would be no problem.

It's funny seeing the OP's post so soon after this one, written by a wedding photographer and ex-Nikon user who clearly loves his X-H1:


It doesn't sound like the user Grig has much patience or sympathy with those complaining about the X-H1 either. When you check out the fantastic results he gets from his, you can perhaps understand why.

I'm wondering if the OP's camera is faulty in some way. His experience with the autofocus just doesn't sound right.


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