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Well, in his defense...kind of I guess, it was him that really inspired me to really get in to macro. I mean, there were other things, but it really was his work that 1st introduced me to contemporary insect photography.

TS's work was resonating with people who were not into macro because his photos are well lit and composed, unlike the razor sharp garbage you see posted all over forums today. Right now there's a thread on this forum about flowers that the shooter spent a month focus stacking. Not one of those shots, except for maybe the one with the insect in it, needed to be stacked and I don't like any of them cause the light and composition is poor. But every little pixel is sharp though.


Because of that, I dont know what the style of macro was before he blew up..or during that time by other photographers, but it really does seem like many, many other photogs went after his "look".

The same as it is today -razor sharp, poorly composed, and poorly exposed images. Photos that don't get any play outside of the forums that they're posted on. As unpopular as this next statement is gonna be I'll say it anyway: All of the current macro forums are nothing more than useless circle jerks of mediocrity. Lots of people thinking that they're photography is the neatest thing since sliced bread because of all the feedback that they get. But they get feedback on their work only because they give it, and getting a present on your birthday doesn't mean that you're special -the person giving expects to receive at some point. The important feedback is when someone outside of the macro community says something positive about your work, or someone who normally doesn't like the subjects that you photograph feels better about them after viewing your work...

The saddest part to me is the almost total lack of personal growth. I see macro shooters today that I've know for years and the quality of the images that they take hasn't changed. No one gives constructive criticism anymore, but then again most people really don't want honest feedback on their work anyway. People just want to be "liked"...

I don't know of anyone that went after TSs look. Most of the people in the macro community thought his images were over saturated. I thought he was on to something special because he had a large fan base that didn't shoot macro.

Personally I think that TS's light is very diffused, but it's also pretty flat for my tastes. Too even.

I just checked TS's Flickr accounts (yup, he has more than one) and he's still cropping his photos...

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