32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

Charles2 wrote:

pixelgenius wrote:

Charles2 wrote:

Since the discussion is about the EV32xx series, a brochure for the S22xx series does not answer the question.

Doesn't matter ...

You have not advanced the knowledge of the OP and the cordial people on this thread.

So you now feel entitled to speak for the OP and all other people reading this thread?

No, I simply posted and again, corrected you. NOW the OP and cordial people on this thread can, as provided, see exactly the gamut of various FlexScan displays If you know where to look they do (you didn't, I did):


You have only exhibited again your ability to distort in order to preen and try to start a flame war.

No, I simply corrected your text with facts. It may fall on your deaf ears, but the OP and other's at least can see this statement is simply incorrect:

Charles2 wrote: The Eizo brochure for all their FlexScan monitors mentions sRGB but does not assert that the monitors cover all or virtually all of it.

If only if you spent a bit more time checking your facts before posting, instead of getting upset by correction from many others, maybe you should spend a bit more time fact checking before typing.

It would save both of us so much time.

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