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Gesture wrote:

They seem to have a unique stop-down mechanism.

For adapting, they work as most do, turn the aperture ring to change the aperture, the other functions(beyond the focus zoom and aperture rings) will typically(I'm talking about most mounts) only be useful on the native mount. DOF preview on a mirrorless is redundant because the Mirrorless does this when you set aperture.

Will they adapt OK to mirrorless cameras? Thanks.

There are very few lenses/mounts that don't lend themselves to adapting to mirrorless, you have to get well off the beaten path to find them.

The small movie formats(C & D mount) vignette too much on FF and APS-C to be of much use, Pen F and Robot are borderline on FF.

Cameras that have half of the optics permanently fixed to the body are generally not adaptable unless you have skills. Some of the Kodak Retna's fall into this category, others don't.

So you really have to familiarize yourself with the mounts or do some quick googling before buying, it doesn't take long to figure out the most common mounts(F, FD/nFD/FL, OM, AR, SR, M42, Exakta, LTM, M, Contax/Nikon S/Kiev, K, R, C/Y, Fujica X) these will be the vast majority of the lens mounts you'll come across, once you have an adapter, you're golden. Contax/Nikon S/Kiev is kind of the oddball of the bunch in that the camera has the focus helicoid, not the lens, so adapters can be expensive, thankfully their are resourceful people in eastern Europe(former Soviet union) that take broken Kiev cameras and hack out the mount and make an adapter from it, search eBay for "Contax Nikon S Kiev adapter" they sometimes even come with a lens(Jupiter 8, Helios103, and Industar 61).

Lenses with AF and electronic contacts are usually not as adaptable, unless you have full control of the focus and aperture when it's not on a native body.

In general, if the mount is a few mm longer than the camera's mount register, it should be easy to adapt. https://stephen-westin.com/misc/mounts-by-register.html

Identifying the mount is usually the hard part, these links will help, I'd save the pages to your phone(iPhone can save the page as a PDF so you can access it anytime, I assume Android can as well). https://www.keh.com/blog/the-lens-mount-guide-part-1/ https://www.keh.com/blog/the-lens-mount-guide-part-2/ https://www.keh.com/blog/the-lens-mount-guide-part-3/

While you can adapt Medium and Large Format lenses, they tend to be bulky due to the large register and therefor a large adapter, but they can also be useful for doing movements(with the right adapter).

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