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Sensor is just one part of final image. DNR processor that recalculates image and deals with noise is the second most important thing. Sensors are now improving just marginally, but with increased computing power of processors (that do benefit from CPU/GPU/mobile chips development) it is possible to reach those high sensitivities and deal with noise better.
And soon there will be time, where sensor size would matter even less. When computing power reaches level that it would be possible to process several images during single frame capture, then even small sensors can reach huge resolution, huge dynamic range and very clean images. Imagine that during 1/500s photo the machine will be able to capture 20 subframes, recalculate them, kill noise by repeated pattern control and use iterated subframes to gain "light" signal in shadow areas where needed and omit "light" signal in bright areas. Then even APS-C sensor might be able to provide something like 40mpix clean images with 25EV dynamic range on seemingly ISO25600 image. Only lens are going to be limiting factor, but also they can be "improved" during processing if camera removes optical issues like CA or weaker resolution by using many subframes to reconstruct one final frame.

We can to this even today. It is the "magical" multi-picture hi res or HDR photo made out of combined frames. But with significantly more powerfull processors future machines are going to be able to do this on the go in real time during each captured frame.
Mobile phone cameras are steaming towards this method, because with multiple subframes even tiny sensor and horrible lens can provide very interesting output.

So guys, sensors are not the only critical part like they used to be in 2004-2012.. nowdays almost all sensors in current cameras have invariant ISO. If you push ISO100 image in PP, the result will be same as setting any ISO in camera.
And multiple subframes taken at base ISO are the next level. Not depending on sensor size or resolution, but on read-out and cleaning speed...

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