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These are fantastic! The lighting is excellent. May I ask what the approx. working distance is? Most jumping spiders are quite small aren't they?

They are small indeed. I honestly forget what my magnification was or if I used an achromat, but think its just 1x because they are cropped much more than I normally crop. With that said, I think cropping gets a bad rep considering most of us just share online. If printing, that changes things, but if sharing on FB and instagram you can crop a lot and noone will ever know the difference. I still try to not crop, or crop as little as possible, but Im not as opposed to it as I used to be.

That mentality works until your photos get popular and suddenly those cropped images end up getting printed. I know of a pretty well known macro shooter who got published in Popular Photography magazine, one who cropped his photos. To this day I don't understand how the editors ran the images, cause they looked almost as bad as the genitalia in a Japanese porno.

John, I know you are being cool with how you are discreet about who that was. Was it TS? Ive been dying to know. PM me and I will never say a word.

LMAO! No need to PM you my friend...

I think that he single highhandedly set macro back a decade or more. There hasn't been another macro photographer featured the way that he was since.

Edit: I want to set the record straight. About 6 months before he was published I was chatting with him about his photos via Flickr mail, and I told him that he needed to find a way to get the framing that he wanted without cropping (I don't crop, for a lot of reasons). He pretty much ignored me, and hindsight being what it is I think that he was under an NDA at the time and knew he was gonna get published. Fast forward 6 months and someone tells me that TS was published in Popular Photography and I was excited -really. Finally someone that created well composed and well exposed images was getting some publicity -maybe this was gonna propel macro into the spotlight. I bought a copy of the magazine and was instantly disappointed at the fuzzy photos. I really thought that macro as a discipline had died cause no one was gonna take it seriously after TS's images were printed in a main stream magazine, and in fact no one has been published since. To this day I think that he had a friend or fan that worked for Pop Photo and that's the only reason why his images were printed.

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