What Really Worries me About Traveling with and Shooting the GFX 100

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What Really Worries me About Traveling with and Shooting the GFX 100

I have read all the reviews. I have read all the posts here on this fine Board. And I have watched Ken the Angry P's videos. I even watched the two videos Chris posted - the Japanese documentary about how the camera was developed.

I have agonized about purchasing this new GFX 100 (which I have not touched). I'm not a pro product or fashion shooter. So of course I don't need it.

I just want it. So to justify this insane decision, I am selling my beloved Fuji APSC arsenal. Three cameras (XT-3, XH-1, X100F) and 12 or so XF lenses. When I sell that gear, I will use the proceeds to pay for the GFX 100.

I don't have to do that in all honesty in terms of being able to pay for it. But I have to do that to get permission from the Boss. That was the deal. I just bought that Leica and GFX 250 and was leaning into the GFX 100. So the Boss put her foot down (on my throat).

Anyway, anyone who knows anything knows that for my style of shooting, Fuji APSC beats Fuji MF in every category but one.

I take long trips (God Willing), fly on planes with the gear and shoot thousands of images while walking on trails and in towns and visiting all the sites. (I get great joy from that.) I then do post-processing on a 13 inch 4K laptop at night and post the full-size JPEGs to Flickr (when I have good WiFi). I post them while traveling, not after I get home to the big studio PC and pro monitor.

Fuji APSC has that perfect size, weight, ergo and even IQ for that purpose (and more). The XF glass really is world-class. It is the perfect photography travel gear. It really is.

So I'm selling it all and going pure Fuji GFX (plus the Leica Q2 as a pocket camera which means I'm also leaving the wonderful Fuji Z100F behind).

What does that really mean? That means I have doubled my load for about half the shooting range in FF equivalent field of view, and with less DOF (which I crave).

The Fuji APSC 8-16, 16-55 and 50-140 F2.8 zooms are incredible. I leave them behind, thus sacrificing a lot of focal range and/or field of view. I leave the wonderful 100-400 behind, which got me out way past 600mm FF equivalent with the 1.4 TC.  I leave behind the incredible little tiny F2 primes (23,35 & 50) and the best of all - the Mighty 16 F1.4.  I leave behind two awesome primes - the 80 and 90, not to mention the great 56 portrait lens.

I also leave behind the deep and powerful DOF that we get with Fuji APSC. I leave behind the much smaller files that are easier to handle on travel.

So why am I doing it? You know why. Because I see what I see on the images. And Fuji APSC has great IQ that I always believed matched my Canon FF IQ, so that is saying a lot.

I'm doing it because I love taking the shots and gazing at them on the big monitor. I love shooting MF. I'm not sure why I enjoy it more now than walking around with that fantastic Fuji APSC gear and its perfect ergo.

Is the 50r enough MF-wise to satisfy that feeling and that desire? Of course. Do I need 100 MP? Of course not. Will I love that GFX 100? I bet I do.

But here is my big concern. Not the weight and size. That will be like carrying my old big DSLR with grip. The lenses are big but not too much bigger than my old Canon L arsenal. I accept that and am ready for it.

But what worries me is the exported JPEG file size. Ken said his laptop and desktop zipped through the raw files much more easily than he thought it would. Post-processing those big raw files was easy because the files have so much range and less post work seems to be required. (In fact, I already noticed that with the 50r). I am not worried about computer power. That will keep getting better and cheaper and I already have the machines with the chips to handle those big files.  Storage?  No problem.  That is limitless these days (and cheap).

My worry is uploading full size GFX 100 JPEGs exported from LR to DPR and Flickr while I am on the road. I do that while on the trip via WiFi. And those JPEGs are going to be 100 to 130 MB. It is going to severely impact how I do this stuff.

In short, it makes no sense what I am doing. But you guys who shoot MF know why I am doing it. I'm doing it because it is going to be awesome. I'm doing it because I want to. Thankfully I can do it, but not without making a big sacrifice. And that sacrifice is my Fuji APSC arsenal.

But you know what else? I have not touched my Fuji APSC gear (except for the X100F as my pocket camera) since the day I bought GFX gear exactly 6 months ago. Why? You know why. Because I started shooting Fuji MF.


Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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