32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

Hi all,

A quick update:

I just ordered the PD3200U. A breakdown of my thinking on the matter:

The first monitor stricken from the list was the HP Z32. Lackluster reviews and not the most competitive price, given it's so-so features. I did like the masculine rectangular design though.

The second to go was the Dell, though it was hard to drop. It's the best looking, newest, brightest with the most features, but also the most expensive. What finally made me decide against it was the flickering, as I am a bit sensitive to it.

Once it was down to the LG 32UD99-W and BenQ PD3200U things got hard. In the end I chose the BenQ because it basically does everything the LG does except for a few things:

  • USB-C
  • HDR-10
  • Sleeker Design

Firstly, the USB-C I didn't need. Secondly, the HDR-10 doesn't seem like it's fully mature and more of a 'reach the minimum threshold to be able to brand it as HDR-10). I think this tech will be much better and affordable in the years to come. So I was left with a difference of around €100 for a design update.

Since most of my peripherals are black anyways and the design of the BenQ is similar to my Asus VS24AH, it came down to personal taste in the end. The flickering issues of the PD3200u which initially held me back are rumored to have been dealt with in a firmware update.

I will post updates (pics & impression) once it arrives. Sadly, since I've only ever owned or used a FHD monitor, I won't be able to qualify or compare my impressions to anything similar. But hey, one more unprofessional anecdotal review of a monitor!

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