Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Why would B&H promote this??

Timzee wrote:

Black Elk wrote:

Bet the OP never saw this coming. Of course, this is DPREVIEW and anything can happen.

There's some truly knowledgeable and helpful participants here who generously share that knowledge ...

So, I'm wondering ... how has that shared knowledge worked out? Do you now get the why of this program? Do you feel more accepting about it than you did when you started the thread? When you were informed that virtually every store credit card (as opposed to general purpose credit card) charges pretty much that same APR of close to 30%, did that relieve some of your concerns? Are you concerned about the other thing regarding the ethics of consumers being credited (reimbursed) for the exact cost of their local sales tax (if any) rather than the more common approach of getting a set cash back percentage of a transaction? Are you concerned about who actually pays for that reimbursement? (*) Have you thought about the possibility that this program, AFAIK only currently offered at B&H, could become a common offering among many other retailers? How will you feel if it becomes a ubiquitous way of doing business?

(* At the end of the day, consumers and regular folks in general are the ones who always end up paying for everything.)

Mercifully the thread count is inching towards the 150 "put it to bed" point.

True. I wonder if you'll have the opportunity to respond before then.

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