generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

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Re: generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

icoh wrote:

...a question about the studio lighting for portrait and products. unnatural shadow

Does anybody have a suggestion about lighting for this???

I've been shooting studio models for forty years. I honestly think this is one bare bulb strobe set at the appropriate angle in a very high white paint ceiling studio. The bare bulb is providing the sharp shadow (obviously), but it is also bouncing off the ceiling, probably set right against the ceiling 15-25 feet high. The bounce from a distance in large white ceiling studio will provide that elegant falloff.

Ambient light nowhere near able to compete with the very powerful strobe of probably 2000ws or more. This seems to be shot in a very high end studio with deep cyclorama wall (not paper). The clue to the single light high ceiling is the very subtle shadow tone in the curve of the cyc wall (where it is furthest away from the light). But the back wall and front floor are probably equal distance from the light.

That's where I'd start if I wanted that look. Keep it stupid simple.

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