Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

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Re: Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

kiwi2 wrote:

Lensmate wrote:

kiwi2 wrote:

TheSonyEnthusiast wrote:

Everything was set on a 10 second delay to minimize motion blur

Don't forget about the motion of the moon across the sky/frame.

At longer focal lengths, slower shutter speeds start to become problematic.

Atmospheric ' Seeing ' plays such a major role in all this [when all the photographic technique is covered correctly] that moment to moment conditions can render a capture blurry without any warning.

Which is also helped with faster shutter speeds as slower SS make it worse.

Depends on the seeing type.  If the object is just boiling at a high "frequency" nothing will help it much.  If the seeing in kind of rippling intermittently, then you can luck-out, get good shot (or, a few hundred if you shoot video and use a stacking-rejecting program).  What is known is that poor seeing effects increase with increased focal length and aperture.  This doesn't mean you can't use a larger aperture lens, just that more often a small one will be able to utilized its best resolution.

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